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Why You Should Eat Breakfast

Having a healthy and balanced breakfast is important for your well-being. There are three reason why you should not skip your breakfast.

  1. As you attempt to go through the morning without breakfast, you may suffer various symptoms such as headache, shakiness, weakness and lack of concentration. This is due to the fact that after a long night sleep, your blood sugar levels could be dangerously low. Any kind of strenuous physical activities could be affected.
  2. Breakfast is an ideal opportunity to get nutrients into your diet. Breakfast provides calories and it is important for children, teens, physically active adults and even for overweight people trying to lose weight.
  3. If you skip your breakfast, you would probably feel very hungry around mid or late-morning. You could probably crave for a sugary snack, such as doughnut, which contains a lot of fat and less nutrients. So, you are eating a less balanced and less nutritious food instead of a balanced nutritious breakfast.

What is a Healthy Breakfast

A balanced and nutritious breakfast should provide enough calories, which is a quarter of your daily calories intake. A healthy breakfast should provide some protein, a reasonable amount of complex carbohydrate, a little fat and a variety of vitamins and minerals.

A healthy breakfast should have a sensible balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate. A breakfast contains at least one-third of your day's protein needs is certainly a good idea. A good amount of protein in breakfast helps to keep hunger at bay because it takes longer to digest than carbohydrates. Calcium-rich protein food such as milk or yoghurt are good choice for breakfast.

The breakfast should also include a small amount of fat which, like protein, helps to stop hunger pangs and regulate blood sugar levels. Perhaps a pure vegetable oil spread on any bread would add little fat. Nuts and seeds added to cereal are good source too. We should keep saturated fat to a minimum and go for food such as skimmed milk or low fat yoghurt.

A balanced and healthy breakfast should provide a good mix of both starch and sugars. The best source of sugar is fruit or fruit juice. Fruit and fruit juice also provide vitamin C for your daily needs. Starch is ideally provided by bread or cereal. Whole-grain cereal or while-grain bread are good for morning long sustenance and they are also good source of fibre.

A nutritious breakfast will provide good energy and a good range of vitamins and minerals. Healthy and balanced breakfast makes an important contribution to your daily intake.