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Making the Fish You Eat Safer

Fish is sometimes contaminated with pesticides and other industrial chemicals. Here are a few ways to get the most health benefits from fish with least hazards:

  • Buy organic or farm raised fish
  • Choose salt water fish over fresh water fish from rivers and lakes, which are more apt to be polluted
  • Choose white fish from the deeper waters, such as cod and haddock. They are less likely to be affected by pollution near the coast.
  • Choose smaller fish over larger fish. Smaller fish have fewer years of exposure to pollutants.
  • Don't eat fish skin as it is the primary depository of toxins.
  • Eat different variety of fish than just one type. This reduces the risk of overdosing on one contaminated source.
  • Pregnant women should restrict eating swordfish, shark and fresh tuna to once a month because toxic chemical from fish could damage fetuses.
  • It is not necessary to eat too much of fish to reap the benefits of fish. So, do not overdo it.
  • Avoid eating too many oily fish and fish livers because toxins are stored in fat and liver.