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Non-alcoholic Drinks Calorie Chart

Name Portion Size Calories
Coffee (instant) 1 tea spoon 2
Coffee (freshly ground) 190ml (1 cup) 4
Hot chocolate (with whole milk) 190ml (1 cup) 171
Hot chocolate (instant low-calorie) 1 sachet 38
Tea (black) 190ml (1 cup) 1
Cola 330ml 142
Diet cola 330ml 1.3
Lemonade 330ml 75
Orange Squash 275ml 54
Applie juice 100ml 38
Cranberry juice 100ml 57
Grape juice 100ml 46
Grapefruit juice 100ml 33
Orange juice 100ml 36
Pineapple juice 100ml 41
Tomato juice 100ml 14
Vegetable juice 100ml 21