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Meat, Poultry and Game Calorie Chart

Name Portion Size Calories
Bacon (lean back, raw) 100g 136
Bacon (back, standard, raw) 100g 120
Bacon (back, lean and fat, fried in blended vegetable oil) 100g 465
Bacon (streaky, raw) 100g 276
Minced Beef (average, raw) 100g 225
Minced Beef (extra lean, raw) 100g 174
Beef topside (roast, lean meat only) 100g 175
Beef steak, rump (raw lean only) 100g 125
Beefburger (grilled) 1 quarter-pounder 254
Beef (corned) 100g 217
Crocodile fillet (cooked) 100g 160
Gammon steak (fat removed, grilled) 100g 172
Ham (extra lean) 100g 107
Ham (parma) 50g 111
Lamb loin chop (rimmed, grilled) 1 150
Lamb leg (roast, lean only) 100g 203
Lamb shoulder (roast) 100g 235
Lamb's kidney (fat removed) 1 91
Lamb's liver 100g 137
Ostrich (cooked) 100g 188
Pork fillet (raw) 100g 122
Pork leg (roast lean only) 100g 185
Pork crackling (roast) 100g 550
Pork chop, loin, lean (grilled) 1 220
Salami 25g 109
Sausage (chorizo) 100g 291
Sausage (pepperoni) 100g 551
Pork sausfage (grilled) 2 large 254
Sausage (chipolata, low-fat, grilled) 2 92
Veal filet 100g 109
Venison filet 100g 103
Chicken fillet (no skin) 100g 106
Chicken breast (grilled, skin removed) 1 breast 192
Chicken leg quarter (casseroled) 1 257
Chicken (roast, meat only) 100g 177
Duck (roast, meat plus skin) 100g 339
Duck (roast, meat only) 100g 195
Guinea fowl meat (raw) 100g 148
Pheasant (roast) 100g 220
Rabbit fillet (raw) 100g 137
Turkey fillet (light meat, raw) 100g 105
Turkey fillet (dark meat, raw) 100g 104
Turkey light meat (roast) 100g 153