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Grapes are the fruit that grow on a woody grape vine. Grapes grow in clusters of 6 to 300, and can be black, blue, golden, green, purple-red and white. Red Grape varieties contain powerful polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidant and they have positive effect in reducing heart diseases. Red grapes varieties also contain ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is an antioxidant that seems to have anti-cancer properties.

Uses of Grapes

Grapes can be eaten raw or used for making grape juice, jelly, wine, and grape seed oil. The seeds in grapes contain procyanidolic oligomers (PCOs). PCOs can strengthen blood vessels, and improve blood circulation. Grape seed extract may help slow aging, prevent heart disease, deter cancer, lessen allergy symptoms, and eye strain, and fight certain skin diseases. The use of grape seed extract is available in forms such as: liquid, tablet, and capsule.

Nutrition Chart

Grapes / 100g Amount
Calories 60
Carbohydrate 15g
Total Fat 0.1g
Fibre 0.7g
Protein 0.4g
Cholesterol 0mg
Good Source of Dietary Minerals Potassium