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Fish and Seafood Calorie Chart

Name Portion Size Calories
Cod 100g 80
Cod (deep-fried in batter) 100g 247
Fish fillet in crumbs (baked) 100g 188
Fish fingers 4 200
Haddock (smoked fillet) 100g 81
Herring fillet 100g 190
Kipper fillet (grilled) 100g 255
Mackerel fillet (fresh) 100g 220
Mullet (red) 100g 109
Salmon fillet (fresh) 100g 180
Salmon (canned) 100g 153
Salmon (smoked) 50g 71
Sardines (fresh) 3 281
Sardines (canned in oil) 100g 220
Swordfish fillet 100g 109
Trout (fresh) 225g 281
Tuna (fresh) 100g 136
Tuna (drained, canned in brine) 100g 99
Tune (drained, canned in oil) 100g 189
Whitebait (deep-fried) 100g 525
Crabmeat (dressed) drained, 128
Lobster 250g (half average) 93
Mussels (shelled) 100g 104
Oysters (shelled) 100g 65
Prawns (shelled) 100g 99
Scallops (shelled) 100g 118
Scampi (deep-fried in breadcrumbs) 100g 237
Squid 100g 81