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Fats and Oils Calorie Chart

Name Portion Size Calories
Butter 25g 184
Lard 25g 223
Low-fat spread 25g 98
Very low-fat spread 25g 62
Margarine (hard, vegetable fat) 25g 185
Margarine (sunflower) 25g 187
Margarine (olive oil, 60% fat) 25g 137
Suet (vegetable) 25g 209
Suet (animal) 25g 224
Corn oil 25g 225
Peanut oil 25g 225
Olive oil 25g 225
Rapeseed oil 25g 225
Safflower oil 25g 225
Sesame oil 25g 225
Sunflower oil 25g 225
Walnut oil 25g 225
Vegetable oil (blended) 25g 225