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Control Food Craving

There is no need to completely give up that food that you enjoy. A small amount of any food can be included in a healthy diet. A dessert after a healthy low-fat main course will be fine.

In a healthy diet, you should not miss meals or go long periods without food or indulge in over-strict calorie control. This can most likely produce the craving for sweet and high carbonhydrates food such as chocolate or biscuits as the result of low blood sugar levels. Satisfying such cravings with a sugary snack may result in even lower dip in blood sugar because it will trigger an excess released of insulin that our body needs to cope with the sugary influx. As a result of that, there could be another craving for more sweet food.

Eating regular small meals high in healthy and low glycaemic index foods is one way to get off this crave-indulge-crave situation.