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A KiloCalorie is a measurement of energy. It is popularly known as a 'calorie'. Our body needs energy to breath, to power itself, for repair and growth. These outside source of energy comes from what we eat and drink, in the form of carbohydrates, fats and protein..

The amount of calorie you need is depend on your size, age, porportion muscle to fat, activity levels and many other factors. In order to maintain stable body weight, calorie (food) intake and calorie burn up need to be balanced. Too much calorie intake and too little expenditure will result in obesity. Too little calorie intake and too much expenditure can result in weight loss and being too thin.

To achieve a balanced and healty diet, start counting your calories intakes now. Calorie food charts below provide you with the calorie content of different foods that we consume for our daily energy needs.

Calorie Charts
Breads and Baked Goods Calorie Chart
Breakfast Cereals Calorie Chart
Daily Products and Eggs Calorie Chart
Condiment, Sauces and Store-cupboard Items Calorie Chart
Alcoholic Drinks Calorie Chart
Non-alcoholic Drinks Calorie Chart
Fats and Oils Calorie Chart
Fish and Seafood Calorie Chart
Fruit Calorie Chart
Meat, Poultry and Game Calorie Chart
Nut, Seeds, and Savoury Snacks Calorie Chart
Pudding and Desserts Calorie Chart
Rice, Grains and Pasta Calorie Chart
Spread and Dips Calorie Chart
Sweetneners and Confectionery Calorie Chart
Vegetables and Pulses Calorie Chart