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Asparagus is one of the more nutritionally valuable vegetables. It is the best vegetable provider of folic acid. Folic acid is necessary for blood cell formation and growth, as well as liver disease prevention. Folic acid is also important for pregnant women as it aids in the prevention of neural tube defects such as spina bifida in the developing fetus. Asparagus is also very low in calories. It contains no cholesterol and is very low in sodium. Asparagus is a great source of potassium and fibre. The plant is a source of rutin, a compound that strengthens the walls of capillaries.

Unlike most vegetables, where the smaller and thinner are the more tender, thick asparagus stalks have more tender volume to the proportion of skin.

Nutrition Chart

Asparagus / 100g Amount
Calories 25
Carbohydrate 2g
Total Fat 0.6g
Fibre 1.7g
Protein 2.9g
Cholesterol 0mg
Good Source of Vital Vitamins Vitamin E, Beta-carotene, Folate
Good Source of Dietary Minerals Potassium